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App Requirements
Developer(s) Inhouse Team


Initial release April 2010
Stable release v3.4 Android

v3.5 iOS

Development Status Active
Operating System Android



About POSB Mobile Banking (mBanking)

mBanking was already soft-launched on both DBS and POSB websites on 10 April 2010 with more than 2,300 downloads.

On 15 April 2010, DBS Bank launched mobile banking service, mBanking, to both DBS and POSB customers. It allows customers to view their banking and credit card accounts, transfer funds and pay bills via their mobile phones. Customers will need to download an application from the google play or iTunes App store to use this service

Customers using mBanking  will be protected by DBS Bank's 'money-safe' guarantee. The bank promised reimbursements if there are any unauthorised transactions.

As of 2013, there were 839,000 mBanking users in Singapore and as of 2015, the number of mBanking logins have surpassed that of iBanking.

The POSB mBanking app offers functions that are identical to that of the DBS mBanking App, operating under a different branding. 

Services Before Logging In (PreLogin) 

No. Service Name Features
1 ATM Locator Locate the nearest ATM or Branch
2 Queue CAM View the current queue lengths before proceeding to the branch, this service includes the SMS queue ticket phone number you can send an SMS to request for a queue ticket
3 DBS Suite of Apps Easy and quick access to all the DBS app offerings
4 Indices and Currencies View the up to date global indices and currency rates by Thomson Reuters
5 Lifestyle News Access a full range of lifestyle magazines from renowned blogs and fashion enthusiasts
6 Rates View the currency rates offered by the Bank
7 DBS Promotions Find out about the latest promotions
8 DBS Asian Insights Read about the latest market and industry insights
9 DBS Privileges Easy Access to Limousine and Concierge booking Services for wealth customers
10 Contact Me Contact the bank's staff by leaving a feedback form

Services After Logging On (Post Login)

No. Service Name Features
1 Card Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use Enable your POSB Card's magnetic strip for overseas use
2 Account Summary View details of your account transactions in 1FA mode (masked) or in full view mode after 2FA
3 Funds Transfer Perform funds transfer within your own accounts, to other DBS or POSB accounts or to other banks
4 Funds Transfer (Overseas) Send money to an overseas account, use the DBS India Remit Service or send money to an overseas visa card.
5 Payments Pay bills or pay other bank's credit card.
6 Investment Services Make an Electronic Securities Application, Electronic Payment for Shares or apply for Singapore Government Securities
7 Cards Apply for DBS One Tap, check your application status, view notifications, activate your card and enable your DBS or POSB Card's magnetic strip for overseas use
8 Top-up Paylah! Top up your Paylah! mWallet account.


The app contains 3 levels of security

No. Security Level Security Services
1 1 Factor Authentication (1FA) Key account numbers masked View balances
2 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Perform selected transactions securely Transaction History, Bill Payments, Fund Transfer
3 Transaction Signing (3FA) Requires Token, applicable to perform high value

or high risk transactions

High Value Transactions, Add New Payee, Update Particulars


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  3. DBS mBanking Official Site:

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